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AlproH Palm

Portable H2 measuring Device for Al melt 


  • Light and Portable Convenience

  • Fast and Accurate Direct Measurement

  • Long Life 

  • New Electrochemical Sensor(Park-Rapp probe)

  • Printer Interface and Memory Storage

AlproH Palm is a portable quick-measuring system for the determination of dissolved hydrogen content in molten aluminum alloys.


The system comprises of a Probe, an Analyzer (includes connecting line), and an optional  Probe stand. The probe can use indefinitely until it breaks a part.


A patented PARK-RAPP probe, housed at the tip of the probe, provides an EMF output which depends purely on the hydrogen partial pressure (pH2) and temperature in the melt. The sensor is housed in a robust, impact-resistant probe constructed from special high temperature alloy and graphite, which ensures that the AlproH Palm is able to withstand the harsh environments in the Al foundry.


The sensor and temperature outputs are fed into the analyzer, which when combined with the alloy interaction parameters, gives the dissolved hydrogen concentration in units of ml/100g Al.

What is AlproH Palm?


  • Measuring Range : 0.05-0.4 ml/100gAl

  • Accuracy : ±0.05 ml/100gAl or ±15%                                       (whichever is greater) 

  • Reproducibility :<0.01 ml/100gAl or ± 10%                                     (whichever is greater)

  • Measuring Time : <5 min. 

  • Max. depth of Immersion : 70 mm

  • Operating Temp. :  600-700 oC

  • Size: 120x244x46 mm

  • Weight :  510g

probe stand.png

Probe Stand

For the convenience and safety purposes, we recommend to use probe stand when the AlproH Palm-measurement is made by inserting the probe into the hot melt. It is made to grasp the probe firmly with two armed grip which can move up-and-down by a manual screw action. It also provides with a cooling pad which enables the temperature of the heated probe to drop rapidly after taking out the probe from the melt. 
Because the probe stand is made of Al alloys, it is light in weight and easy to deploy. 

◀ Download AlproH brochure

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